Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TAG: my perfect imperfections?

This is one of those videos I would have done if I still made them but Im thinking im just gonna get straiight to the point:

1. I dont like my skin, its the main thing im checking everytime i walk past a mirror, right now its too dry and I have a huge I mean HUGE pimple on my cheek, but the main thing is that I always think I look tired I have puffiness and dark circles and its my obsession to try and fix them.

2. My hair is always frizzy and puffy unless I straghten it

3. I try and try and try and try and TRY to gain weight and i just cant, one of the main comments I get is that im skinny, and it bothers me sooo much

1. My eyes, I like that they are a color and change all the time

2. my eyebrows, eyebrows are that one thing that i am obsessed with, when i look at someone i look at there eyebrows while most people look at eyes.

3. this may seem wierd but im gonna be honest and i like my booty ;) hahahhahaha im a really small girl and tall and i wasn't blessed with the "ta-tas" the rest of my family has, well atleast im not blessed with them yet... and im 15 so i dont know what that means for me, but annyyways i think my butt is cute since im so "skinny" and i have a bubble butt. hahahah im not sure if most of you will think hat is wierd reading it, but im just being honest ;)_

My halloween look... meow

I knowww that I havent posted anything new in SO long, things are just crazy around this time of year, school work, cheering, more cheering, football games, competitions, parties, homecoming, annoying biology teachers... etc ;)

well for halloween I was a kitty:
A closer-ish look ar the makeup:
This tutorial game me the most inspiration:CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL
i obviously put my own twists to it, i just wish I had better pictures to truely show what it looked like! As soon as I showed up (i went to a party) I got tons on compliments, and Im actually gonna admit that i was proud of it :) i like any chance that I can have to be creative with my makeup like this (and actualy go outside in it haha)