Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TAG: my perfect imperfections?

This is one of those videos I would have done if I still made them but Im thinking im just gonna get straiight to the point:

1. I dont like my skin, its the main thing im checking everytime i walk past a mirror, right now its too dry and I have a huge I mean HUGE pimple on my cheek, but the main thing is that I always think I look tired I have puffiness and dark circles and its my obsession to try and fix them.

2. My hair is always frizzy and puffy unless I straghten it

3. I try and try and try and try and TRY to gain weight and i just cant, one of the main comments I get is that im skinny, and it bothers me sooo much

1. My eyes, I like that they are a color and change all the time

2. my eyebrows, eyebrows are that one thing that i am obsessed with, when i look at someone i look at there eyebrows while most people look at eyes.

3. this may seem wierd but im gonna be honest and i like my booty ;) hahahhahaha im a really small girl and tall and i wasn't blessed with the "ta-tas" the rest of my family has, well atleast im not blessed with them yet... and im 15 so i dont know what that means for me, but annyyways i think my butt is cute since im so "skinny" and i have a bubble butt. hahahah im not sure if most of you will think hat is wierd reading it, but im just being honest ;)_

My halloween look... meow

I knowww that I havent posted anything new in SO long, things are just crazy around this time of year, school work, cheering, more cheering, football games, competitions, parties, homecoming, annoying biology teachers... etc ;)

well for halloween I was a kitty:
A closer-ish look ar the makeup:
This tutorial game me the most inspiration:CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL
i obviously put my own twists to it, i just wish I had better pictures to truely show what it looked like! As soon as I showed up (i went to a party) I got tons on compliments, and Im actually gonna admit that i was proud of it :) i like any chance that I can have to be creative with my makeup like this (and actualy go outside in it haha)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When I get bored..Makeup looks!

Today I was just playing around at my vanity and decided to try out a look that I've been wanting to every since I watched this tutorial:

Heres my attempt:
It's taken off my webcam so quality isn't the best but I know i didn't do all the finishing touches, but I'll work on this look more and post anouther pictures when i get it down and some tips, I know that i didnt do the finishing touches but I was just playing aroud!

For the few of you that never sall my youtube videos you have never seen any of my makeup looks! So while doing this I figured I would post more pictures of the makeup I do when I just play around and have fun with it!


That's all for now but there will vbe lotttss more to come! if you want a tutorial on any of these, or you have any pictures you would like to see me recreate let me know!
Hope this inspired you! :)
XOXO Ashley

Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: L'oreal Color Chrome eyeliner

I've been useing this eyeliner for around 5 months and haven't used any other pencil liner since, I just recently bought my 3rd one, I have only tried the black color (Black Shock 910) but it does come in other colors like the ones in the picture.

  • SUPER creamy
  • Great color pay-off
  • only takes one swipe
  • Stays on a reasonable amount of time
  • easy to smudge if you want to or locks in place if sealed with a powder
  • Can go throught this very fast if you use on a daily basis, because it is so creamy that you need to sharpen often
  • a little pricey for drugstore but totally worth it! (around $9)
I do own Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on eye pencil, and I truely barely even touch it because this product blows it out of the water!

Ease of use:     10/10
Color Payoff:    10/10
Long lasting:     9/10

Over all:     A+   

Deffently try this product out! try getting it on a BOGO or something :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Perfect Fall Outfit!

I always make shopping lists on the Internet and hope that I'm gonna get it eventually, its really a bad habit because I find that I want an unreasonable amount of stuff, I usually make ones for Forever 21 and Sephora.. places like that (:

BUT to get to the point I've had most of the items in my forever 21 list for a long time and it shows alot of the trends for this fall season and I wanted to share!

This tunic perfectly describes my style, floral is definitely in for this season and with it being a plain black and white and such a big pattern, rather than tiny it makes it look very Fall/Winter ish instead of spring-ish like floral usually is!
Tights, tights, tights are in this season also, not the kind we used to wear when we where 5 but fun ones in all different colors and patterns, this is probably on of my favorite trends going on, because it's so simple and easy, I figured these opaque white tights would definitely do the trick and contrast nicely against the mainly black tunic!

Now my favorite part to every outfit, accessories!

I chose the hoops because the are simple and obviously not a necklace because the amazing scarf, I love this scarf! I wanted something to a nice bring a pop of color! I always love the look of alot of pearl bracelets but i probably wouldn't wear all of those at once. Boots are always in for the fall and I love the look of them with tights and a dress. the ring is just another pop of color and I like brooch rings!
If you wanted to keep the accessories minimal in this look I would go for the scarf and boots! They are what keeps the look together, both are very fall-ish but can stay in your wardrobe for other seasons too!

Hope you enjoyed!
xoxo Ashley

Find these items on the Forever 21 website!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why im not doing videos anymore!

So obviously if your reading this then you took the time to actually check this out. So THANK YOU :)

Now I know that blogs might seem annoying to follow and read but there are alot of amazing makeup artists who rather doing blog's instead of live videos! I decided that i think this is going to be better for me because I feel I can still talk and share about my love you fashion and makeup and it not take as much time. PLEASE dont think I deleted my videos because people at my school found out, maybe 10 people did, and about 4 said soemthing to me about it. They weren't mean about it or anything so that is absolutely is not why (: Simply because this seems like it will be easier. I can still do ALL of the things I did with the videos:
Outfits of the Days
Makeup of the Days
Health tips
and Reviews
and I'll probabley just write random things about life when I need to vent ;)

I hope that noone is mad at me because I stopped, it isnt for forever! and I'm still doing the same thing, just in a diffrent form (: Also some people on Facebook (ADD ME) asked me if it was because I was having drama with other youtuber, and I'm deffently not, this is a totally diffrent subject but i think that youtube should be for fun not for makeing friends that start drama with people who live on the other side of America, haha but I'm all for the makeing friends part ;)
You can still message me on youtube and REQUEST looks or reviews or just to say, you can also do that on facebook (:

Well I'm thinking thats it, but I'm most likely gonna forget to put something in as soon as I post this... hahaha

XOXO Ashleyy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hellllo My Loveliess!

I'm sure most of you have  watched my videos, but still here is a little bit about me..

(Warning, most of these are pretty random)

My name is Ashley

I am obsessed with a lot of things..

mostly makeup

I'm 15

Turn the big 16 on Janurary 19th

Im a Sophmore in Highschool

I cheer for my school and I have for the past 2 years

I have always been into makeup even when I was about 5

Anything artistic draws my attention

I am OBSESSED with Alice In Wonderland

My ultimate life goal would be to do makeup for runway, print, and film

Lets get a little more personal..

I don't live with my birth parents, I live with my Aunt and Uncle

I have lived with them since I was 9

I still speak with my real mother, but I have nothing to do with my father

My family is hard to explain but I have 4 sisters

None of them live with me

I have my drivers permit and I cant wait to drive

Im afraid of clowns and being chased

Im really outgoing and talk to almost everyone
Im always talking, so its kinda wierd I would prefer to have a blog

But I like to write too (:

I do watch tv, but I mainly just watch too many youtube videos

I notice alot of things about people that most wouldn't

Friends are my EVERYTHING and i have a bestfriend named Jessica

We are inseperateable

Im trying to be a better stundent this year

I have 2 neices, one 9 months and one three

The three year old is my favorite person in the world, and she looks up to me

It makes me feel special ;)

I guess thats all for now...

This blog will get alot more personal than my youtube did but I think I'll like it that way (:
I hope you enjoyed that!