Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hellllo My Loveliess!

I'm sure most of you have  watched my videos, but still here is a little bit about me..

(Warning, most of these are pretty random)

My name is Ashley

I am obsessed with a lot of things..

mostly makeup

I'm 15

Turn the big 16 on Janurary 19th

Im a Sophmore in Highschool

I cheer for my school and I have for the past 2 years

I have always been into makeup even when I was about 5

Anything artistic draws my attention

I am OBSESSED with Alice In Wonderland

My ultimate life goal would be to do makeup for runway, print, and film

Lets get a little more personal..

I don't live with my birth parents, I live with my Aunt and Uncle

I have lived with them since I was 9

I still speak with my real mother, but I have nothing to do with my father

My family is hard to explain but I have 4 sisters

None of them live with me

I have my drivers permit and I cant wait to drive

Im afraid of clowns and being chased

Im really outgoing and talk to almost everyone
Im always talking, so its kinda wierd I would prefer to have a blog

But I like to write too (:

I do watch tv, but I mainly just watch too many youtube videos

I notice alot of things about people that most wouldn't

Friends are my EVERYTHING and i have a bestfriend named Jessica

We are inseperateable

Im trying to be a better stundent this year

I have 2 neices, one 9 months and one three

The three year old is my favorite person in the world, and she looks up to me

It makes me feel special ;)

I guess thats all for now...

This blog will get alot more personal than my youtube did but I think I'll like it that way (:
I hope you enjoyed that!


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